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“Instant Karma” 20/1/2006

Today was a shit episode.

Janelle is not coping, and Lyn has little red fluffy dots in her hair and tries to get Janelle to eat, sleep and go to see Stingray’s court appearance. Janelle is the only person who believes that Roo was responsible for the robbery, while Toadie wants Stinger to stitch Dylan up and then work out Dylan’s defence when and if he shows up alive. Noice.

Stingray gets bail, and goes home, and Janelle sits with him on the lounge and says she’s not going to lose two sons. Then she tells him to shut up and stop talking. Lyn and Joe come in and tell Janelle about all the support the community has offered her but she loses it completely before admitting to everyone that she’d often wished Dylan was dead and she’s a terrible mother. Like that comes as a shock to anyone. Whatever.

She then goes and hangs out and bonds with Karl, who has finally phoned his children to tell them Susan’s a floater.

Connor and Dylan are still at large, but the realise that they will be questioned if they are found in their torn up 40s costumes, but conveniently, at that exact moment, they find David’s suitcase, which is completely intact. Also, for those of you watching at home, Lil had earlier admonished David for being anal retentive and packing 3 shirts for one night away. But this comes in very handy for Dylan and Connor. I love it when a plan comes together, don’t you?

At the House of Trouser, Stu and Toadie are arguing about Stu’s handling of Stingray’s investigation, but Stu thinks it’s because Toadie is upset about Connor. Toadie says he is glad Connor is dead and then tells Ned and Stu about Connor confessing to the robbery.

Luckily, Ned pulls out a case of Connor’s home brew and starts talking about all the practical jokes Connor pulled on him during his stay at the House of Trouser, and eventually Toadie comes around and starts hooking into Connor’s beer. Well that wasn’t predictable was it, nothing like a death to bring around forgiveness.

And that’s all folks.

Monday: they find another survivor. This time the newsreader doesn’t tell ANYONE the identity of the survivor, all we know is that it’s a she. Except for us, because we know it’s Susan.
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