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I know we didnt see death today, lucky for alex - he will get his time soon. BELIEVE ME. Anyway i am doing a recap all this week because of the death plane excitment, and on monday as i believe that to be the end of death plane week. So fasten your seatbelts. (ahah the irony)

Oh i must apologise for last weeks update, i was drunkered to the MAX when it was written. Anyway on another note they are going behind an LJ cut due to request. Also although i try not to, sometimes spoilers will be in here, i dont think they are much but its just a warning.

From queer to absurdity - so so neighbours - "16th January 2006"

Susan and Alex are still rejoicing about the news that Alex has more time. I am livid. She thinks he should tell the kids, he wants to know his “due by date” so do I, so I can plan my HURRAH Alex is dead party. Rachel and Rat boy walk in and Alex asks what they’ve been up to. Rat Boy gives him a guilty look and says he had detention. Erm why tell your dad id he doesn’t know? Huh? And why was Rachel back so late, what did she hang around waiting for rat boy? The mind boggles.

Steph’s on the phone to the bike owner, I am too busy noticing that over the weekend her baby bump has gone from non existent to huge.

Dylan tells Paul he is in major trouble. I am too busy thinking that I thought I needed to wash my hair but my looking at Dylan’s I think it can last a day longer.

Sky is going psycho revising: I think she has found some of Harold’s coke. No really especially later with all the 70’s stuff. All I can say is next time I want to have a 70’s party then I shall call sky cos she had a HELL of a lot of stuff, even for fat bree.

Apparently stingray is going little nuts over the robbery. Bree is harping on about rat boy. Two toasties??? Bree come on.

This Ned storyline is boring me. And toadie is just an annoying. Please. The face pack, hair foils. Its was funny for erm like a second.

Back at the scarlet bar Paul says he didn’t think he has learned anything from him. Sure you did. You taught him to always value other people’s relationships… oh, hang on. Um, you taught him that money isn’t everything… um, hmm… Oh, I know! You taught him how to look like the Men in Black in the credits! “The best help I can give you is to leave you to clean up your own filthy mess.” Nice one Paul.

Max and Steph are in getting chocolate and liquorice for “Boyd” to help him “study”, meaning that Steph’s going to scoff the lot. She teasingly asks if Max is calling her fat yes he is.
They pass Susan on their way out as she bumps into Karl, still wearing his marvellous purple diamond-print vest. She says she feels muddy about her feelings for Alex now since he’s got such a great prognosis, but Karl tells her she thinks too much. “Don’t over-intellectualise, just follow your heart. Get re-engaged.” Susan’s worried about the future but Karl says she’d be better off grabbing what happiness she can while she can. Okay, who is this man and what have you done with Karl? His vest must be made out of a new fabric, mature-lyester.

“You’ve built a wall in front of your heart and you just need to let that down.” The only decent thing about this storyline.

My comment on this is rat boy knowing what facetious means. When I had to check. Oh and another thing his ideas on detention? Kill him please.

The love is back on for sus and fucker Alex. GREAT.

Ned still won’t give up the secret as stated before no one will care soon so I imagine it is a shit secret.

Susan gives stingray guilt.

The kids are sitting their exam in the only classroom in Australia. And I never sat exams in classrooms we always had to go some shitty hall which smelt like cheese and was cold. Oh Dylan’s phone goes off; I always have this paranoia about my phone going off. I just thought id share.

Karl takes the death plane tickets off Paul though and hands them to Alex, saying that he and Susan can have them. Wow, he’s not going to hate himself for making that decision at all. Not. At. All. I rejoice MAYBE HE WILL DIE, PRAY EVERYONE PRAY
Dylan gets his phone back and Roo’s not too happy that Dylan hasn’t been caught yet so he’s going to take the gun from the robbery to the police – the one with Dylan’s prints all over it. Its ok he is going on the death plane tomorrow.
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